Meet your hosts

We are Michael and Liana Harrison and we have been in the travel and transport industry for a combined total of over 35 years. Michael as a Bus and General Manager and Liana as a senior Travel agent. Michael operated a seniors group travel club for 10 years with his previous employer before it got quite large and he needed some help with the booking and organising side of the business, so Liana having her own travel broker business was an easy fit and the travelclub continued to grow.


Two years ago, the company decided it needed to re-structure and our jobs needed to be based at their head office in Auckland. Obviously, there was no way we wanted to leave our lovely lifestyle in Central Otago, or move our young family, so the travelclub stopped. Suddenly we thought “why don’t we just do this ourselves” We knew the industry, had the contacts, and loved the people in our club. So that is exactly what we did.


In 2019 we ran six successful tours including our first international tour, and the rest they say is history. We are so happy we decided to stay in Sunny Central Otago. Most of Liana’s family live here or in Dunedin where she is originally from, and Michael being from Nelson originally, has family in Nelson, Dunedin and Wellington.